Email is the most effective way to communicate digitally.

I am writing to you today because I believe you want to know what is going on with me. I’ve put you on my email list. You don’t have to do anything to remain on the list.

I promise not to share your email with anyone else. And I will keep my emails short. I will send information periodically that will help you manage your health during these chaotic times.

I want to be here for you as a helper. A friend.

You know me as a doctor.

A Criminal for Helping People

In late November of 2021 I was attacked viciously by Maine’s covid cult leadership. My doctor’s license to help people was temporarily stolen. My crime? I helped people using common sense, and effective treatments.

While the battle is overwhelming at times, I haven’t allowed this attack to stop me. I created Gabriel’s Health Ministry to enable me to continue helping people. I want to help you, and your loved ones. I look forward to using the skills I picked up along the way as a doctor helping people get — and stay — well.

More Good News Soon

In my next email, which I hope to get out very soon, I’m going to tell you about some new friends of mine who are attorneys. I’ve been compelled to secure legal counsel to defend myself from the covid cult’s frontal assault.

Future emails will discuss an upcoming public hearing before a medical board. It is scheduled for Augusta at 9 AM on April 14th.

Gabriel’s Health Ministry

In the meantime please check out my website for more information about my Private Membership Association called Gabriel’s Health Ministry. Click here to visit the website. It is a work in progress. Thanks for your patience, and your support. I want to personally invite you to become a member.

While the following link is not public yet I want to share it with you. is my membership application.

Please fill it out if you’d like to become a member of my Private Membership Association. Your acceptance of this agreement enables us to do more together.

Thanks for your Prayers and Support

I have not been able to work since late last year. I am relying on donations to survive. And you’ll notice that my new endeavor is a ministry. I rely on God to provide for all my needs.

I appreciate your prayers, support and counsel as I take this step of faith.

Dr. Paul Gosselin