Doctor Paul Gosselin was Board certified in 1998. He is a graduate of the University of New England School of Osteopathic Medicine and completed residency through the UMass Program. He pursued his medical career as an osteopathic physician – embracing the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of being.

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Gabriels Health Ministry provides comprehensive primary care that is affordable, accessible and separate from traditional insurance based fee for service practices.

In the traditional insurance model, many people today are avoiding basic care because of the inability to pay. They have high deductibles and co-pays for simple primary care. Routine office visits are short and rushed and often with a provider that is not your personal physician. The visits most commonly involve the physician paying more attention to a computer screen than paying attention to you!

Gabriels Health Ministry is Different!

We opt out of traditional insurance including Medicare. This allows Gabriels Health Ministry to eliminate the administrative burdens of traditional insurance based practices and focus on you, the member!

Our members make a low monthly suggested donation to have easy access to a personal physician. Phone calls, texts, emails, telecommunication, office, at home visits are all included in our membership.


What’s included with your  Gabriels Health Ministry Membership?

• Initial video or audio conversation: Up to fifteen minutes. Free.

• Membership, In-office services, Remote (phone/video/email/text) sessions, In-home service donations vary, but typically, will not suggest a donation of more than $200/hr.

• Osteopathic Manipulation – what is it?

• Wellness care

• Acute care

• Same day or next day appointments, Urgent after hours and weekend care by appointment, phone care management while traveling.

• Home Visits

• Chronic disease management (Diabetes, Heart Disease, Etc…)

• In Office Procedures

• Trigger point and Steroid Joint Injections

• Proliferation therapy – what is it?

• Laceration repairs, mole removal’s, cyst removal’s, I&D of abscess, wart treatment, ingrown toenail removal, skin tag removal, treatment of seborrheic keratosis and actinic keratosis, simple fracture management.


Membership: Suggested donation $25 per month


In-office services: Suggested donation dependent on time, complexity and cost of materials


Typically, will not suggest a donation of more than $200/hr


In-home services: Suggested donation determined (distance, materials, etc.) per visit


Remote (phone/video/email/text) session: suggested donation $25 per fifteen minutes

How Does Gabriels Health Ministry Work?

The ministry serves as a member’s “primary care home” where they go for all routine primary, preventive and chronic care management types of care. Members donate a $25 low monthly membership plus donations to our primary care facility for all of their everyday health needs. Like a health club membership, this fee gives patients unrestricted access for visits and care, so patients can use the services as much or as little as they want.

There is none of the paperwork and expense required today by insurance reimbursement – no procedure or billing approval, deductibles or co-payments. With a lower business overhead and dramatically less paperwork we are no longer forced to squeeze in an unmanageable number of patients and can instead take the time necessary with each patient to deliver high-quality, personalized care.

Accidents and the unexpected do happen, so the typical patient in our ministry choose a catastrophic insurance plan (such as Liberty healthshare and Medi-Share) to cover emergencies and serious illnesses. Because this insurance doesn’t need to cover routine care, many patients choose a less comprehensive plan with a higher deductible and lower premium.

Lower Costs

With insurance-paid primary care, where each and every part of your medical care is billed to a third party payer, reimbursement costs consume more than 40 cents of each dollar. Eliminating insurance from primary care makes that 40 cents available for actual health care – more time with each patient, more extensive office hours, more on-site services and diagnostics, and more patient-provider support technology.

Patients Save!

The combined cost of the membership monthly donation and a lower-premium insurance plan is significantly lower than paying for soup-to-nuts health insurance that covers even basic primary care needs. This is important when more than three-quarters of America’s uninsured are working families. The annual income from a full-time minimum wage job is only a few hundred dollars more than the cost of an average family insurance plan. With our ministry membership, supported by a low-premium “wrap-around” insurance plan that covers everything primary care facilities do not, cost to families can drop by as much as 50%, saving hundreds or even thousands annually.

Employers Save!

Even with a combination of ministry membership and lower-cost “wrap-around” insurance policies, employers opting for this combined option have routinely saved 20 to 35 percent on comprehensive health care benefits over what they currently spend, while employees’ payments (including premium cost-sharing, deductibles, co-payments and co-insurance) drop significantly. Downstream savings from unnecessary diagnostics and specialist, hospital and/or emergency room care add to these savings. In states where workers compensation insurance premiums are based on claims history, employers may be able to significantly reduce their costs as ministries do not file insurance claims, even though they do complete any legally required paperwork. Many employers also appreciate the impact that high accessibility private membership association ministries have on lowering absenteeism and improving patient health.

Higher-quality care!

A smaller member pool allows for us to spend more time with each patient. Instead of being rushed through a 5 or 10 minute appointment on what feels like a conveyer belt, patients are allocated time based on what each needs (even if it is an hour or more) to discuss health details with the Doctor. There is time to actually treat, not just get an overview then refer to an expensive outside specialist. Most Americans have never experienced this level of care. For patients with chronic illnesses such as diabetes or high blood pressure, the unrestricted access to a primary care physician can have dramatic, often life-changing, effects on the individual’s health. As a result, doctor visits are no longer restricted by bank accounts and patients are seeing their providers whenever necessary to manage their health issues and improve their quality of life.

Gabriels Health Ministry is a member’s “medical home.”


Dr. Paul Gosselin

Hello, my name is Dr. Paul Gosselin.

Doctor of Osteopathy

Since early on, as a corpsman in the Navy, I’ve been a caregiver.

Following four and a half years of military service, I was medically discharged. Working and attending school, often homeless, I attempted to re-establish myself in the medical field.

I simply could not find anything more meaningful than caring for people.

The way I chose to do this was to pursue a medical career as an osteopathic physician embracing the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of being.

Coming from a large working class family of 11 I embraced the struggles of the common man.

“With barely a dime to my name, I entered medical school in Maine and quickly realized it was a club that I did not belong in.”

By the second year, I was instructed that I must attend the only mandatory class of the four years of school, which was on killing babies in the womb.

To my dismay, I was the only one in my class that refused to attend.

I was singled out as if somehow, I was wrong in my convictions…

Despite this, at no point in my early career did I believe that medicine would ever deteriorate to the point we are now all experiencing.

I offer you this prayer by Andrew Taylor, founder of osteopathic medicine:

“Lord, Great Healer,
I kneel before you, since excellent grace and perfect gift descend from You. Grant, I implore You, ability to my hands, lucidity to my intelligence, kindness and empathy in my heart. Give me simplicity of purpose, strength to my hands, part of the burden of my suffering brothers, and a real understanding of the privileges You have given me. Remove from my heart, all malice and prejudice; so with sincere, childlike faith, I can lean on You. Amen.”

God bless you all.

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